Wythes radiates a calm confidence, while

  • Wythes radiates a calm confidence, while his solid posture, tall stature and playful spirit hint more at his basketball-playing youthful past than reality: Wythes will celebrate hi
  • hello and other simple greetings with celebratory high fives. His words emanated from someplace true and good and resonated in each of us. When we won, it was for him. He made
  • headcheese from a combination of lime jello and pork. He was known as the eccentric butcher. He made bacon out weasel belly and once had Hyena skirt steak. I often wondered
  • if there was much difference in the taste of hyena to weasel, but what really caught my eye was the flank of giraffe hanging in the butcher's glass window. Just think of how much
  • fun it be to go up to the barkeep and ask, "Could I have that with a long neck Corona?" Irony was never one of my strong suits. No my strongest suit was chain mail armor with
  • a beer chaser. Not many barmen knew how to make that. It was Billy's trademark drink, and his would be suitors ordered them with abandon, so they could stare at his eyes when
  • the creamy remnants dribbled down from their lower lips, slowly, and dripped from their chins onto the weathered zinc surface below. Then came the music and they'd all begin to
  • unwrap the next level of the parcel. Honestly, this game gets so tedious after 2 turns. But suddenly, the stain started to burn and they all frantically
  • moved about the parcel in different patterns. The stain had looked like it came to life, for the end result looked like the shape of a human body.
  • The detective was determined to determine the sender of the package before opening, however the stench overpowered the office. The petite policewoman in the corner vomited.


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