Danny flipped on the siren and lights and

  • Danny flipped on the siren and lights and pulled onto the road. He recognized Jack's car and knew that Jack had to be stopped at all costs. Two days ago
  • Jack had robbed a Bank in Bakersfield. Since they claimed to be all out of money he took their supply of complimentary ashtrays and a cute clerk as collateral and headed south on
  • a bender not seen since Hunter S Thompson's early days. Jack was high on peyote, booze, and Elmer's but what he really wanted was some nitrous. The clerk he'd absconded with was
  • entirely made out of nitrous. He was from a gaseous planet inhabited by iguana's and bats. He took a Booey knife and slashed his chest. Jack inhaled as the nitrous rushed from the
  • crude gash in his chest spewed Nitrogen that combined with the rooms Oxygen quickly forming nitrous oxide and everyone started laughing. Enough he said and sealed his chest wound.
  • The nitrous oxide worked its way through his system and gave him laughing-gas gas. Making an attempt at humour, he said, "Guys, I smell funny." Their laughter turned to groans and
  • cries for help as they realized his bladder had catalyzed the nitrous oxide into a toxin that (dare I say it!?) turned the helpless victim into a bespectacled hipster!! Oh woe
  • oh eternal curse of the motherless chick! The great prophecy had come true the moment the hipster had put on those godforsaken Calvin Klein spectacles. His eyes turned purple and
  • the scarf tightened around his neck. Why was he wearing a scarf in the middle of summer? Because he wore scarfs before it was cool. The hipster removed his lenseless specs to gawk
  • at a running rooster breaking the sound barrier trying to make its way across the populated highway. The hipster attempted the same action but a clown car ran over him. He dead...


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