One afternoon the Dalai Guru of Reincarnation

  • One afternoon the Dalai Guru of Reincarnation got hopped up on lemongrass chiffon and made a few bad decisions.
  • The first mistake was exchanging his burlap scarf with spandex yoga pants & the 2nd was to replace his bed of nails with a three-ply mohair angora camel hair mattress. Dalai Guru
  • wanted to get in on Gay Halloween to meet hot chicks. Dalai Guru had to be inventive to find women ever since the unspiritual unthinkable happened.
  • He dressed up as a monk and gave candy to street walkers, then changed his mind about the whole thing once the stock market collapsed and asked for his help. It was Sunday, 3 years
  • with a bowl and no oranges to be found. He discarded his monk's robes and sat in despairing contemplation in the rocking chair on the north porch. But when the owners came out
  • and told him to leave because he was upsetting the nuns across the street, he covered his nudeness with his bowl and ran down the street. A nun followed him with her cell phone,
  • snapping pictures of his bare bum as she chased after him with the skirt of her nun's habit gathered in her fist. His bum appeared online and he became a meme overnight with
  • nuns from around the world "liking" his assets, much to his chagrin. Why, he couldn't even step foot in a church without a nun approaching him for his autograph. Twas a bad habit.
  • And bad habits needed to be burned. So he began to avoid Churches and find ways to escape into the woodlands where he met the true God of heaven and Earth in a burning moss mound w
  • ashed in a waning moon's light. "Oh, I forgot to tell you I invited the Moon. She'll be by after she sets." How could God be so thoughtless? "No problem God," I replied.


  1. Woab Nov 18 2016 @ 15:35

    Well, isn't this a spiritually hilarious little romp?

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