There was a marine biologist studying the

  • There was a marine biologist studying the deep sea canyon in the Montery Bay. The caynon is so deep that the sun light does not reach the bottom. In the canyon lives many animals.
  • The animals were not the type to be trifled with. While they were off all shapes and colors it was evident that their teeth were not of the gentle tickling variety.
  • On the contrary, these colorful oddly-shaped mammals will bite.They are also thought to possess limited intellectual capabilities." Aliens flocked to the lecture-demo on humans,
  • because if you sat through the lecture you got a free night's hotel on the orbital resort. But one alien took the lecture on human's seriously. This alien wanted to meet an actual
  • bipedal with only two eyes! (How strange.) The alien drank the coffee as he? perused the brochure for a time-share on Neptune. Then a human female walked in, with hair on her head!
  • You read right! She had a single head on her shoulders, & a heavy braided mane cascaded down to where her bipedal walking units joined her trunk. Gleek sureptitiously asked, "Is it
  • normal not to have... two... of those?" The mysterious woman refused to respond, or even make eye contact. Gleek must have really offended her. Then the woman suddenly
  • answered softly, "N-no, I only have one because the other was injured in an accident." The situation was awkward once more. Gleek really wanted to tell the woman that
  • he was an alien shapeshifter from the planet Raxacoricofallapatorius , but he was afraid that she would reject him. Gleek was not the most confident of aliens.
  • And as most fish out of water stories end, the new person finds a happy niche, which dulls the pangs for home, and the rest of us go home dreaming of Darryl Hannah.


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