This eloquent darkness. It is gong. In a

  • This eloquent darkness. It is gong. In a glade with my peasant shirt stained with another man's blood. Clapping the dirt from my hands, I jumped back onto the wagon to lie on bags
  • we'd filled with sorghum. As the wagon pulled away I thought about how the face on the man I'd just killed looked like my daughter's when we pulled her out from the well.
  • revenge wasn't pretty business but his young daughter had been his treasure and now the man who'd pushed her in the well was dead. He had his still beating heart in his pocket.
  • He could feel it pulsing, slowly, eventually it stopped. He was soaked in blood and did not know how he was going to get home without being noticed.
  • He swaddled the injured animal in a blanket he found in the backseat. Instead of howling or whimpering, the fox was silent, but its dark eyes darted around, anxious and helpless.
  • "There there, old fellow," he said to the fox as he carried it through the woods, "I know a medicine woman who will heal you up real good." The fox seemed to understand, and relaxe
  • apparently it gave a hope to him but his wounds were so deep.He was gathering courage to keep his strength as it was still a long way to go.He didnot want his master to be alone
  • Fighting the big mouthed tidal wave that threatened them with its gargantuan tongue and 58 teeth. This was no ordinary wave, it was able to speak English. The magic Sabre sword
  • would be only a toothpick to the huge, toothy mouth. The tidal wave spoke. “Lavoris!” They stood dumbly. “Fetch LAVORIS!” it said again, or I’ll kill you with monstrous halitosis!"
  • They got Lavoris' genie bottle & twisted the cap once left & thrice right. errrg.Wrong! As they tried pressing down & turning right a wall of fetid tooth decay odor decimated them.


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