It was such a cold winter day and mom still

  • It was such a cold winter day and mom still made me go outside and
  • walk the dog around. I could not believe she was making me do this while my brother got to sit inside and
  • played xbox and
  • raped lil scrubs =)
  • haha thats funny :)
  • she said unconvincingly, as the wannabe comedian finished his act. He read her tone and sighed; she was the third person to turn him down this week. He said "Thanks," grabbed
  • his manuscript, and flounced from the room, as only a wounded entertainer can. She leaned back wearily, tired after a long day of auditions, but noticed as she did that he had left
  • over pizza in his briefcase. The weary wannabe actress said, "Like why is there pizza in your briefcase?" Phillip Seymore Hoffman just stared through her tepid skull munching
  • idly on a jumbo sized box of fiddle faddle. God, that stuff is good. Anyway, Philip Seymore, or "The Hoff II" as Phil preferred to be called lately just kept ignoring her
  • for a new script from Charlie Kaufman in which he plays a writer who enters the head of his accountant to rewrite the history of Toaster Strudels. So compelling, he ignored all.


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