Luke was walking down the dark alley home

  • Luke was walking down the dark alley home late at night. He had just came home from a party when a howl ho a wolf was heard.Attempting to get home as fast as possibe he ran.Then...
  • His father found him and said, "Let's get out of Chinatown!" The old Ford was running again, just in time for the wolf to try, unsuccrssfully, to get in the back seat.
  • From Canal St. to Wall St. was a subway ride, but the wolf was desperate to be back home. That was the site of his rise to power, and JC Penney was offering 20% off sheeps clothing
  • He entered a wolf and exited an investor in sheeps cloths shearing certain flocks. Yes, he was civilized now, not devouring them whole, but letting them subsist on meager rations.
  • Ewe might think he was trying to pull the wool over his boss' eyes. It was true. He pretended to give a flock about his work, but deep down, Mr. Wolf was a baaad boy.
  • Mr. Wolf was called in. "I can explain, sir, I..." "BAH!! All I have seen is that you've been wool gathering. Ram some initiative!" Mr. Wolf left the herd and was out on the lamb.
  • Which left the reader wondering, was Mr. Wolf out on the lamb or out on the lam? Had he attacked the animal or had he made a break for it? Find out next week on, "Adventures of Mr.
  • Killiekillie, Freelance Claims Adjuster". Donal turned the TV off & loaded up the actuary tables on his laptop. Donal was working on fusing statistics & probability into a single d
  • -igit income when the phone rang. Donal had won the Nobel Prize for Idiocy! On a plane halfway to Sweden to accept his prize, he realized that it had been a hoax. Tears in his eyes
  • formed as he realized that this... this was it. It was the last piece of the puzzle for him to realize that it was a lie. His entire life was a lie and he had no clue on what to do


  1. Woab Jul 12 2018 @ 14:39

    ...or where to go once he got off the plane in Sweden. Desperate, he took a job at a Pogen bakery. With hard work he rose through the ranks to become Top Pogen Baker and died a happy man. Well, he died the day after he was crowned Top Pogen Baker, but at least he died happy.

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