I remember San Franciso from 19 year's ago.

  • I remember San Franciso from 19 year's ago. I would walk to work up Pacific Ave, and watch the waking city stretch through the fog and yawn with the unlocking of security gates and
  • business windows, letting out the smell and sound of industry. Those were the days, when anyone who was anyone had been to Boston and seen the steam-trains, and any man worth his
  • -torically accurate minted coins from the Justinian period of Rome had a greenlight in the public restrooms. Those were the days. Men could love men without it meaning anything.
  • I looked it up. Actually I made it up. What? In ancient Greece sexual roles were determined by social status? That's cracked up. It's like dogs, huh? So what'll this roman coin get
  • me? Just missionary or top ride in a foursome?" "To buy social status, you have to spend wisely, especially in a true democracy." said the ancient Greek "You got FOREIGN COINS here
  • ? Somewhere in your pants, perhaps?" The ancient Greek searched his pockets. Nada. "What exactly DO you have to offer?" the ancient Greek asked. At that very moment, Zeus appeared
  • and sent Terpsichore after the man,who was now running away.She danced around him and brought back in a tender embrace,fake and cunning like a snake.Zeus was pleased with
  • the show and struck the Earth with a lightning bolt to steady his satisfaction. Once Terpsichore had caught the man after a stunning ballet, there was rejoice in the heavens.
  • But the muse was not amused by the games played by the Gods. She called for her Siren sister, Melpomene, to sing her song that would irritate the Gods. Terpsichore begged her to
  • stop stealing the spotlight for once in her life. Terpsichore knew that Melpomene's singing voice was so horrible that it would awaken the sleeping dragons. She was too late.


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