Somehow, I'm the one who gets cornered into

  • Somehow, I'm the one who gets cornered into explaining to a 70-year-old lady what the term "donkey punch" means (she asked). Then, everyone is pissed because I told her the truth.
  • Show some respect, I'm not going to lie to a 70-year-old lady. Hey, by that age I'm sure she has heard or done worse. If not, she has a lot of living left to do. So, donkey punch
  • take a fifth of Jack Daniels, 3 oz bitters, club soda and a pt of prune juice. It is called a "donkey punch' because it kicks like a mule. Oh, you were thinking of something else?
  • What a bunch of gutter brains. So, I'm all excited to go to the party with my "donkey punch" & I guess I was the only one thinking it really was a drink, bc when I walked in, u
  • ntold number of frat guys were giggling. Spit, snot and other mouth debris exploded from behind her their fists. Finally, I'd had enough, I raised my hand, used the force to close
  • all of their mouths, and broke a couple of windows while I was still in the mood to use the force. Those disrespecting frat guys will be lucky if they can
  • hide from me. FROM ME. I am all powerful. I am all seeing. I am the strongest force user in the history of the force. I AM
  • GOD. To think that you can defy someone such as me, how laughable! Ah, I wonder what sort of face you'd make when I use my force to end you?
  • Is it you? Felicity Jones?
  • She gave me a wink and the two of us had the night of our lives, followed by marriage, children, and major losses in the stock market. But we loved each other to the very end.


  1. SlimWhitman Dec 09 2016 @ 19:13

    So the main character ends up marrying the lady he made up the donkey punch for? How romantic.

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