In the spring of 1912 Holmes' constitution

  • In the spring of 1912 Holmes' constitution had deteriorated to such a degree, his drug dealer feared he might die. I insisted we R and R, booking us passage aboard the RMS Titanic.
  • Getting Mrs Hudson to buy us a ticket wasn't the hard part. The hard part getting Holmes on the train on time before the Titanic left shore. His health was such, that
  • his overall 3d20 roll could fit on 1d6. Hahaha *snort*! Holmes paused as the dungeon master blew his nose. The amethyst dragon waited, tapping its tail. Finally, it lifted Holmes
  • and said, "Later Homes..." the amethyst dragon was from Gardena, CA. Holmes paused as he thought of the right reply.
  • It seemed to take ages for Holmes to finally tell the amethyst dragon, "Yes, I'd like that very much. We could visit the Rosecrans Metro Silver Line Station, or whatever you like."
  • The amethyst dragon's violet brow creased at Holmes' lack of eloquence, but she restricted herself to 3 sulphurous snorts. "Rosecrans Metro Silver Line Station, snappy-like," she
  • breathed. Holmes leaned out of the way to avoid the dragon's scorching violet fumes & said nothing. "Right-o!" he replied & stepped on the gas. Unfortunately, an accident prevented
  • Holmes and the dragon from reaching their destination in time. It was little Rodney, whose mother always referred to him as "my little accident". Rodney stepped in front of the car
  • raising up his mangy Puff-the-Magic-Dragon.The dragon saw the plush fur and emerald green eyes & despite Holmes protest diverted its course, swooping down to clutch Rodney & Puffy.
  • The dragon then went into the Wal-mart and slithered around the store, and Holmes was unable to find Puffy. Puffy went into hiding until the store closed, then burned the store.


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