Bob,curious to find out what's happening

  • Bob,curious to find out what's happening ,walks all the way out to the farmer and ask him , 'Excuse me Farmer Haris ,could you you tell me what you are doing?'
  • "Why rightly you should ask that, Bob." Farmer Harris kept digging deeper into the field. The hole was now six feet deep. Bob looked over the edge. "Gophers."
  • what are you doing? why you came here? bob helped gophers to come out of the six feet deep hole. then, gopher thanked bob for saving his life
  • after that incident.Gopher and Bob walk down the street back home.Gopher give Bob a cirgerate as he still feeling
  • that nicotine will help them chill out and think more clearly. This was only partially true, because they started to experience a weird dizziness - which made them ask each-other
  • whether or not it made sense to make out or not. He was bummed when his glow stick finally went out. He needed to go to the chill room to bring himself back down.
  • He sat down, grabbed the peanut butter out of his backpack and dug deep in his pocket until he found the crumbled up mushrooms and swallowed it all together.
  • "Young man," he heard a voice behind him say, "if you give me some of your mushrooms and peanut butter, I'll grant you three wishes." He swallowed his food before replying, "
  • "You must be under the impression that this wouldn't be against your wishes," the voice said as it punched his gut, causing him to regurgitate his meal. There was a noisy chewing.
  • It wasn't really against his wishes, truth be known. But he wasn't about to let the voice know that. He swallowed again & feigned disgust. "HA!" laughed the voice, then faded away.


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