This is the greatest love story ever told.

  • This is the greatest love story ever told. It began when he'd become intrigued by the quirky way
  • she made his coffee. Every morning, he ordered the same thing: A tall nonfat latte with cinnamon. She always poured it daintily, finishing it off so the cream formed a heart at
  • the middle. She thought this was cute. She was under the impression this would somehow get him to notice her. She was, of course, wrong. The man was, as we all know, very very gay.
  • So happy in fact that the man annoyed average people. She wanted to destroy that in him for all our sake.
  • But his happiness was too strong, so she had to make average people below average enough to accept him. She started with basic insults: "You bathe your feet in piss!", "How stupid
  • are your kneecaps!" "A crap has just taken you!" His happiness was seemingly impenetrable; it would take her weeks to realize that the source of his joy was her French accent. Once
  • ...well, what I meant was, ♫ a big bossom lady with a Dutch accent ♪...
  • I was whistling this classic Rod Stewart track when the asteroid hit. Now we haven't seen the sun for 3 weeks and everything is dying. Mushrooms are everywhere feasting off the dec
  • omposed remains of destroyed organisms, multiplying in darkness, but we are not losing hope. The ashes will block our sun and kill our crops, but we will not be extinguished.
  • Our blazing fire of irrational optimism flares up into a light that blinds our despair to the facts we have boldly turned our backs on. Hope is a carrot on a stick. We shall march.


  1. SlimWhitman Oct 19 2014 @ 10:36

    I think your quotable there Gibber...

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