It was a hole, but a holy hole. "Behold The

  • It was a hole, but a holy hole. "Behold The Hole! The Holiest of Holes, this hole is so holy that only those with the purest of hearts can take a peek inside." Bob approached the
  • hole, slowly. "Go on, I can tell your intentions are benign, take a look!" Bob poked his nose inside, and he saw......"Meh, it's just a hole, nothing to see here folks" But just th
  • en Satan himself grabbed him by the arms and pulled him down into the pits of hell. Sweating now, Bob looked around. There in the corner was Osama bin Laden and a thighmaster.
  • After using the gym Osama neglected to wipe his sweat of the equipment. Bob was horrified at the poor hygiene practices of the members of Satan's gym. He went to complain
  • but the line for complaints was ridiculous. Bob had eternity, but still, c'mon. He wasn't sure if the sulfurous rank was brimstone or the naked old men grunt squatting. Satan's gym
  • had some interesting gymnastics equipment and so Bob decided to make the best of it. A trainer recommended he extend his ribs on the rack. Had he tried the kalistenics exorcises?
  • Bob asked the trainer, "Have you tried taking a long walk off a short pier?" The trainer was facing his greatest challenge, before him was Bob, the model from Bob's Big Boy Burgers
  • Who would do anything on a dare. Anything! Bob once are a whole chili pepper and puked, after he was paid five dollops. And it went viral on youtube, to his embarrassment. 94k vie
  • d for his hand in marriage but Bob swore his heart to the Minotaur long ago while at Mt. Athos. It was there that he first learned the bean soul connection.They swore they were not
  • ever going to marry anyone other than each other, and that they would live together forever, existing only on soul food, beans and rice, and slake their thirsts only with love.


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