The creature reached out and crushed the

  • The creature reached out and crushed the moon to dust with a simple pinch. This was enough to prove to the Humans that it was capable of defending them against the Platinum Caste.
  • With their moon now just a dissipating mist, all of Earthen Alliance felt secure knowing this planet-sized species would be able to protect them, and so war preparations began .
  • The began just like they would end. The Earthen Alliance thought that the planet-sized species would help, but Earth's soldier called himself Galacticus.
  • He decided to fight not only for Earth but for the hole galaxy.He was a planet-sized soldier...would you argue with him?No!So there was Galacticus standing tall in front of
  • Sergeant Planetarius. Galacticus opened his maw. "Great idea, G!" said Sarge. I'm full of artificial cheese flavor and would give you cosmic indigestion. Besides, us outsiders
  • would rather be sucked into the black hole that is your maw, then give you indigestion from which no mind can escape, than float in space." So, Galacticus ate sergeants and worlds
  • Until, four years later, Galacticus could only fold stories. His folded stories are legendary.
  • Legendary as nobody ever saw them. Nobody can find them. If even the Librarians of the Library of Babylon can't find your stories then those stories don't exist. But Galacticus was
  • -hed his hands of such rumors. "I'll make my own library of heroic tales about myself," said Galacticus. He built his library with his bare, bleeding hands, through snow and rain.
  • Alas, Galacticus used too much snow and ice in his library. Come spiring, it would be only so much mortar and tall tales.


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