So the disco ball was moved to another desk,

  • So the disco ball was moved to another desk, & the rubberducks were hidden.The last thing the OfficeUnicorn had to do is plant one more boobytrap for her coworkers. Heehee, booby.
  • The Office Unicorn still had a company credit card, so she ordered gifts for all her excoworkers. A first aid kit for the attorney, a light saber for IT, noise canceling headphones
  • for the boss' wife, a calculator for the statistics ninja, and a hamburger for the IT assistant. Yes, the Office Unicorn was definitely going to be missed but the office knew that
  • her diet of high-end toner was cut from the budget. The (fired) Office Unicorn got herself plenty of toner with moochtastic food stamps. Sales Rep Geisha took on Unicorn's workload
  • and discovered an interesting series of vague business transactions with a narwhal off the coast of Norway. Geisha got permission from her Sales Manager to try to expand their
  • sphere of influence to a strategically located iceberg. Geisha opened The North Star Sushi Icebar and soon all three penguin residents where regular customers. Word got around that
  • words get around. Geisha had heard that before. Her place had a reputation for attracting unsavory penguins. They were terrible tippers and crowded around the exits. She had to
  • organise a petition 'Moms Against Penguins' to get them banned from ALL nightclubs & save her bacon. Geisha logged onto Petitions R Us. PLEASE VERIFY YOUR STATUS AS A MOM flashed
  • across the screen. Enter your child's birthday, name, SSN, your maiden name, your mother's maiden name, your doctor's name and his DOB. Geisha angrily looked at the hated penguin
  • searching for a clue, a crumb of comfort, a hint of remorse, but nothing was betrayed by that cold, mocking, flightless face - nothing, nor ever would be, til the end of days.


  1. SlimWhitman Feb 24 2015 @ 17:06

    Cool ending, welcome Moomond!

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