"Stop that. Stop that right now." Billybob,

  • "Stop that. Stop that right now." Billybob, the meek policeman, squeaked at the thief. "Oh, OK." the criminal replied, ashamed of his bad behavior. Billybob was a legend among cops
  • Billybob had captured 6 bank robbers, single-handedly. The other cops looked to Billybob for inspiration, wondering how such a meek man with a penchant for Danielle Steele novels
  • could capture so many bank robbers. Billybob was given the Badass Badge, the highest honor amongst us cops. I suspect he was knocking back some serious Gym Candy due to his increas
  • ing trips to the bathroom. Billybob was a fool but when he was in the Gym he was the biggest fool in Tulsa. Why, he once mad an ass of himself with Squat machine by
  • trying to squat 350 lbs while eating a McBaconatorDouble. It was a sight to behold, Billybob dropped the sammie, and then snapped his back into 5 pieces. To this day, Billybob
  • is known far and wide as "The Penta-Goon" due to his spine being broken into five places due to the hamburger lifting accident. Billybob tried to use his fame on a reality show in
  • Singapore, but all it got him was a death sentence for smuggling gila monsters into Asia. It's a hot market in Mongolia, I know, but for my money a less risky venture is to simply
  • Get a wheelbarrow and burn it as fuel for my new novel. The book will have illustrations done in woodcut and collage. The title has yet to be determined, but it will be original.
  • I have yet to write it, but have all ready sold it to Huffin House. My agent calls every morning and pleads with me to write. The pressure is making me crazy. My mind was not
  • made of living brain matter like most people's. A cool lime jelly substance, it provides my thoughts a more efficient, viscous channel to travel through. All geniuses have one.


  1. Woab Jul 29 2016 @ 16:55

    "A cool lime jelly substance!" I love that.

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