Her chest burned, she was out of breathe.

  • Her chest burned, she was out of breathe. She can't remember for how long she has been running. All she knew was, she couldn't stop now, it was still after her and not far behind.
  • the cute but terrifying army of bunnies. she kept running fast as she could.if she stopped it would all be over the bunnies would eat her alive. so she kept running, until
  • the grammar returned and full stops were no longer the only grammatical mark. The bunnies corrected her on her mistakes and off they hopped back to their home, the Bunny Kingdom.
  • Now armed to the teeth with all sorts of gramatical weapons, she felt ready to tackle the world. She could still hear the great bunny, king of grammar, saying "Alice, remember
  • that you're more talented then you think. You have a great gift; embrace it and utilize that or you'll never succeed here. You're grammar is nearly impeccable." She half-smiled at
  • half of their faces, upper for her and left for him. She buttoned up her grammar and hiked her bearing. "Your gift is even smaller."
  • , she said to the Magus, who turned and swiped back his gift in a huff. There was a flash of brocade as he swirled flamboyantly in the desert sun, raising sand around himself like
  • a golfer chipping his way out of a sand trap. One moment the wizard was there; the next, he was history, a faded memory. In an instant, she grasped that everything was the same.
  • If she told anyone that she had played golf with a wizard, who would believe her? She could only keep a memory of this wondrous occasion and cherish it for the rest of her life
  • After all, she had fewer strokes than the wizard. She returned home to find the scorecard from the game on her doorstep and she let out the widest smile anyone's ever seen.


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