I Hit enter and my new FoldingStory appeared,

  • I Hit enter and my new FoldingStory appeared, along with the previous lines. My heart skipped a beat as i read through, as my cluelessness paid off. My story actually made sense!
  • Who am I kidding? Folding Stories don't make any sense! I was desperately giving myself a a pep talk as I tried to keep to ≤180 characters. FS was an obsession. I'd lost 180 lbs.
  • One for each word.180 pounds in a week,but I did it!I had the ultimate fold!Comedy,drama,thrill,a prosperous plot,it was all there...but they will never get me!
  • But my sense of victory was short lived. The editors of folding story had been hired to kill me.
  • Realization that the FoldingStory editors were gonna kill me dawned on me as if someone had cracked a raw egg over my head. I had only meant to have a little fun here. I never
  • really meant it when I said I wanted my folds displayed in bold and anyone ignoring their contents to be barred for life. Now I'm on the run. FoldingStory editors kill at dawn
  • but that is not written in stone. I think I have had more than my share of blood and ink lit by the rising sun. I think I will do my next "edit" under a desert noon sun.
  • Something romantic about this, going back to college days. How deluded we were, but how influential this delusion has been. The noontime sun is at its apogee, you can say.
  • "Where's the conflict?" Asked my date. "What?" I replied, waking from my college daydream. "Dude, every good relationship has conflict," she said, and hurled a full glass of wine
  • into the toilet as I held back her hair. "I'm sorry, Hon, but I don't do conflict," I said, and she broke up with me. Later she felt conflicted about it and we now have nine kids.


  1. bearshoes84 Sep 05 2016 @ 18:19

    Yaaas! Awesome finish, Woab!

  2. Woab Sep 05 2016 @ 18:23

    Thankee, old bear. I like the whole thing, over all.

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