The cannibal swallowed. His wife laughed.

  • The cannibal swallowed. His wife laughed. "Do you know what you just ate?" Damn thought the cannibal, what is this crazy witch up to this time? She smiled, "Beef."
  • The cannibal started vomiting and yelled to his wife: "Woman, if you'll ever give anything else than human livers, I'll cut you to death!".
  • The woman started sobbing. "But, it's just cow flesh... I-I thought you wouldn't notice! You know I hate cooking humans!" The cannibal stood up and got in his spouse's face
  • , stared her down and started singing with a very faint voice. Half hypnotized, she thought about how snakes would feel when being charmed by the sound of a flute. The cannibal
  • part of her reminded her to Hate The Sin Love The Sinner but her non-cannibal half was thinking that Sinner is dinner. It was actually lunch time so the story had to stop until 1PM
  • But the folder decided to take a 2 hour 3 martini lunch in the Russian Tea Room where he or she nibbled on lady fingers & cucumber sandwiches. A samovar fell over, a lady shrieked,
  • And the samovar became a lovely female cat who was adopted by the lady who screamed. They were inseparable from Lyla and her Family of cats. Samovar lived happily ever after. Lyla
  • finally separated from her husband Morris despite everyone's disbelief and went to open a Russian Tea Room in West Virginia. Lyla was later sued for serving over-steeped tea to
  • minors. Like 'bees in da trap' they became enslaved to the over-steeped tea game. Little Jimmy became a mule for the oolong route up from Mexico and 10 year old Suzy started green
  • tea leaf reading on the side. Whether it led to a brisk warning or a slow steeple chase to burning questions, fans traveled far to see Little Suzy sip her tea and read its remains.


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