There I was. The waves had washed me ashore

  • There I was. The waves had washed me ashore on this, apparently, deserted island. The storm had sunk the boat I was traveling on with my school friends. It was supposed to be the
  • day of my grandmothers wedding so there I was pondering on what I was going to do to get out of this place then there it was,the key for surviving right in front of me lying there
  • a box full of hundred dollar bills. This could last me a life time. That's if i spend the money wisely however. hmm, what to do, what to do. This was grandmother's money and
  • she stole it from her grandmother and so on. Well it was tradition for it so, i stole the money and left the empty box there. As i saw my grandmother open the box, she was excited
  • that she finally had a box to play in and made a fort out of it. She ran out of pillows and blankets, however, so the fort wasn't impenetrable. My little brother walked by and
  • jumped in her fort. naturally she screamed and tried to make him leave but the attempt failed. So I had to
  • drive to taco bell and get the party pack of tacos for $10. What a DEAL! Then
  • munch out and go to sleep
  • is how I spend Thanksgristmabordaylightsavingsaintpatty'salloweeneasterkingday. That's right, I'm a carpe diem dude. I do all the holidays all at once and boy does
  • that make for a doozy of a hangover. I can't tell if I'm dying of carb overload or alcohol poisoning. So...if you don't mind, I'm gonna sieze this day by the toilet. Cheers!


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