Sarah could not believe her teacher had actually

  • Sarah could not believe her teacher had actually come to her home. That is not at all what she intended when she spoke to her earlier! Taking off her coat, she thought of a plan.
  • Her parents were not yet home so she quickly ran upstairs to her sister's room. "Kelly! You've got to help me." "What?" Kelly said, half asleep. "Pretend to be my mom for a while?"
  • "Pretend to be MOM?! With her squeaky, annoying voice?!...Hmm. I'm up for a prank!" She yawned and got out of bed. "So, why do I have to pretend to be our mother?", Kelly asked.
  • As she got up, her foot hit the wet linoleum and she very forcibly and unintentionally did the splits. her head lurched sideways and slammed into the rim of the cast-iron bathtub.
  • She scrambled to her feet but slipped again, this time driving her head completely into the toilet. Her knuckles were rapped by the toilet lid slamming on top of them. She
  • laid her cheek on the cool porcelain, fighting to catch her breath. She gulped in air & her head was shoved back into the toilet, sewer water filling her lungs. The ghost was angry
  • that day, my friend. To make a long story short, she died there facedown in the toilet bowl. It was not a pretty sight. Edgar, the custodian, was the one who found her, along with
  • the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, who'd been hit with a bad case of food poisoning from tainted shellfish. They tried mouth-to-mouth but she'd been facedown in the toilet for too long-
  • it was over. Another victim has been claimed by bad food choice in this restaurant. I am starting to doubt the credibility of a restaurant that doesn't even warn customers that
  • each course offers one fatal dish, a restaurant roulette if you will. But the chief foodies and gourmet tasters beat down the door to get a reservation. Bourdain & Zimmern


  1. Slayther Dec 19 2015 @ 16:41

    Welp. That escalated quickly.

  2. Gibber Dec 20 2015 @ 20:01

    This is what happens when you use a bathroom as a bedroom.

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