The Caring Meter in Care-a-Lot was drooping

  • The Caring Meter in Care-a-Lot was drooping down toward the raincloud side as the rainbow crumbled and the bright, cheery colors of the Care Bears faded to a dull gray. Dark Heart
  • waiting in the corners of clouds. His last meal was five days ago and even Care bears looked appealing. Dark Heart longed to be accepted by the little pink one, but his mind was
  • slowly going, busy preparing a succulent imaginary feast of these Care bears to Care-a-lot. Dark Heart snapped out of it to find the pink one looking up at him with big wide eyes.
  • Dark Heart laughed. He would have to crush the soul of this Care Bear first. His guards dragged her away to his private dungeon while he disembowelled a blue bear, making sure to
  • take his time with it. Task completed, Dark Heart took a quick bath in rabid bat blood and grabbed his soul hammer. But heading down to the dungeon, a shaft of rainbow light shone
  • upon him, and he said, "Save your candy-ass redemption for someone who wants it." And Dark Heart hefted his soul-hammer, and turned all rainbows to ash before entering the dungeon
  • in a blaze of iridescent fire. The smoke was overwhelmingly thick and shimmering, coating his lungs in a fine, almost metallic mist.
  • He stumbled towards the fire extinguisher, coughing brilliant, shining puffs of smoke out. The metallic particles scraped his insides, and eventually, blood dripped from his mouth.
  • He didn't notice though, as his blood shared the same colour as the fire extinguisher it dripped on. The smoke was so thick now, and he couldn't see where he should aim the extingu
  • sher. So he pointed it down his throat ready to fill his lungs with foam. Just in time a huge whale penis crashed through the roof. The shock wave extinguished the fire. The end.


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