Doug the dog and Cate the cat were best friends.

  • Doug the dog and Cate the cat were best friends.
  • One night, on a safe bed of warm leaves beneath the stars, Cate the Cat asked Doug the Dog how he felt about boxes. "Oh, yeah!" enthused Doug, "Like a refrigerator-box house!" The
  • Tortoiseshell cat replied she liked sniffing the boxes when her human opened them. Sometimes, when she was little, she slept in the boxes. Now, she didn't do that as often.
  • Having been rescued from a shelter for the abandoned and abused pets, she was a weird kitty who hated being touched. She walked with a limp. She had a burn mark near her left eye
  • and wasn't used to sleep in a bed. I started to train her and after a month or two, I was able to convince her to share the matress. I often awoken in the middle of the night with
  • urge to go walkies. I would jump on her head and lick her face until she got up at 2 am. I rewarded her response with a vigorous tail wagging. "Whose a good owner? You are!"
  • Of course she would look at the clock, groan something illegible and go right back to sleep.She's not really that good an owner but keeping up the illusion is also a part of my job
  • Being a clock maiden was tough work. Every hour on the hour, she had to shriek a bird call, according to the species depicted at that time. But, as usual, she overslept and missed
  • the red-throated loon call until it was nearly half past blue-footed booby. The old clockmaker from town came up the long wooden staircase and rapped her on the head for being so
  • laconic for a booby. Boobies were known for their distinctive verbosity which besides the finer details of various blueberries also included a refutation of The Herisiarch of Rome.


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    A dog, a cat, and a blue-footed booby walk into a bar...

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