"Are you crazy? You want to name our group

  • "Are you crazy? You want to name our group after a strap-on? You think this is a joke don't you. Are you on something? Christ Don, you want to go back to writing jingles for
  • mattress companies be my guest, but I am on a mission Don. Our group, no MY group is going to be the biggest pop sensation since the Beatles and you Don are not going to name it
  • Banded Bedsnakes," said Don's irate band mate. Don pressed, "OK. What about Banded Bayonets as a band name?" However Don realized that such innuendo wasn't going to fly when
  • they had their backs against the wall after the revolution that was coming. I never believed I would have to answer for my complicity in putting a buffoon that close to the button.
  • It was a life-saving measure. That buffoon I speak of could feel his lymph nodes rupturing in his back, but still he soldiered on to the manual coolant override. How he could stand
  • up after sitting so long in his own sweat? You might ask. Well, it wasn't easy. But the buffoon soon cranked the coolant into the channels, and the nymph lodes began to thicken.
  • The nymphs hadn't been this excited since Hylas first stepped into their lagoon. It is a fluke of nature that so many nymphs together causes widespread tumescence. Even the buffoon
  • with his tiny hands reached for his tiny mushroom; elated at his tumescence. His mushroom hadn't stood up like that since The Island. The nymphs sensed a change in the buffoon's
  • orange complexion as his hair flew away revealing a tiny alien piloting the meat man, the alien pulled a lever . "china" the meat man said as it raised its small hands
  • And just like that, they were in China! They feasted on noodles and a bunch of different candies, DAILY! This is the life. . .


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