Today is International Octopus Day! Have

  • Today is International Octopus Day! Have you kissed an octopus on the beak yet? Or shook it's hectocotylus in congratulation? The next inky, blue blooded, three hearted,
  • Elder squid gods deserve your love. So grab your Necronomicon and summon some fishmen for we about to enter the
  • Lovecraft zone!" "Lovecraft zone?" Mr. Wilson asked terrified. "Yeah.. " whispered Cricket as he creeped closer to him "Don't you want to see a fishman?"
  • "WHAT?" Mr. Wilson blurted, "Why, of course NOT! I want to see the jellyfish you dumb cricket!" In response the cricket was not happy, "
  • It's AGAINST THE RULES for you to see the jellyfish, Mr. Wilson. Must I repeat myself like a broken record? Are you THAT dim?!" The cricket turned away from Mr. Wilson, and then
  • chirped all night, so he could not sleep, The next day, Mr. Wilson was so grumpy he kicked the TV screen and shattered it. He felt relieved to no longer have to see the face of
  • Dee Reynolds. Why in the world would they have such a large pet bird running loose in the bar made no sense to Mr. Wilson. Although, not much made sense to Mr. Wilson after his
  • severe allergic reaction to the vaccine. It destroyed part of his brain keeping him from understanding much so now he works as a body guard listening to commands as if he was a dog
  • gone Liam Neeson. Sure enough, he was given the job to guard the President. Luckily, his MMA was up to par, because after all it was the Donald. So when the motorcade was ambushed,
  • he rushed to the car, grabbed Donald's hair accidentally, and pulled. To his amazement he yanked out a tiny alien from his skull. "This is gonna be huuuuuuge," it said.


  1. SlimWhitman Mar 07 2016 @ 09:36

    http://www.wired.com/2012/10/cephalopod-awesomeness/ ...and the story with the oppuu = oCTOpPuUS tag: http://foldingstory.com/oppuu/

  2. Dhanithecat Mar 07 2016 @ 09:57


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