Fairy dust does not exist? Well, tell that

  • Fairy dust does not exist? Well, tell that to Pam, who
  • was always rubbing herself down with that crap! I mean really? Doesn't she realize its how Ramona the stripper dressed back when
  • macrame was all the rage and the Brady Bunch was still on TV and not in reruns? Nowadays, people just
  • have no sense of style. We have watched those six kids go from kinda cute, to a litter of super freaks. Marsha never got her nose fixed and rumor has it her and her brother
  • had never seen a dentist in their lives! It was a shame really what had become of them. I bet soon they would end up doing hard time or even dead due to
  • their Mountain Dew addiction. Of all the sweet, sugary substances they had to get caught up in, this has to be the worst. Heck, Oreos are a better
  • if they are Double-Stuff Oreos. He liked to make Jolt Cola Nutter-Butter, Marshmallow, Pinwheel casseroles. Once he had eaten so much caffeine and sugar that
  • for the next few days his urine was a toxic shade of orange that reacted as if carbonated when it hit the toilet water. In fact, there was a minor explosion down
  • the sewer pipe every time he flushed. The guy next door had been drinking bleach and when combined with his toxic orange urine, it detonated, blowing fetid shrapnel rats & manhole
  • debris for hundreds of feet around. That they had been hiding there the whole time hardly was noticed by anyone. Slowly, the shadowy figure walked toward the exit and vanished.


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