The Starchild knew eternity. He knew every

  • The Starchild knew eternity. He knew every aspect, every frustrating problem with eternity. So he didn't understand why this mortal wanted the eternity. Why does he want pain? Fool
  • doesn't realize the burden of time. It is tooth, ever gnawing at you. But perhaps this mortal wants that pain, or perhaps this mortal feels a pain i do not perceive. Is it that
  • delectable (or is it abhorrent?), the agony of living when you know you will die? Perhaps. But how to justify living when all is slow damnation, mortals and immortals both
  • vying for their place in Valhalla, willing to gouge your heart out for a spot near Trump. How abhorrent would they be, how low would they crouch to assure their adversary’s claim
  • though most likely true would never see any action by the people who were in the position to do anything about it. How low haven't they gone? Tell me that and I can bring down the
  • whole house of cads. I can bring them all down to size but I need your help. We can't size them away. That is inhumane and crosses so many bridges. So many. We need a standard for
  • euthanizing cads. I mean, humanely euthanizing cads. Because if women had their way, every Tom, Dick, and Hairy(sic) would be castrated while awake and without painkillers...
  • "Ohhhhh for the luvva," Judith stammered as she tossed the He-Man Women Hater's Club Manifesto into the toilet and flushed it with her foot, "what fun would a castrated man be?"
  • Spanky and Alfalfa entered the lav and saw the club’s manifesto circling the drain. “What’ll we do, Spanky?!?” “Call Buckwheat! He’ll know! In the meantime…” They turned on Judith.
  • “If you flush that manifest down the drain, you’ll interfere with the Spacetime Continuum”, Spanky screamed. Judith turned a queer eye, “What?” “Oh, My Darlin’,” Alfalfa crooned.


  1. Woab Nov 05 2021 @ 11:52

    Definitely a frustrating problem with eternity.

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