Come over here and peek through this electron

  • Come over here and peek through this electron microscope. You see that speck on the left antenna of that mite? Increase the magnitude. Now, look closer. What did I tell you.
  • Dr. Finkle paled & sat back from the microscope. "Jesus," he whispered. I didn't think it looked much like Jesus. I leaned in and refocused. It was multiplying rapidly.
  • But it was definitely the Jewish Carpenter. I looked back at Dr. Finkle and he said, "What's your relationship with Jesus." I chewed on that and then said, "Is it Wednesday?"
  • He frowned at me and stuck the giveaway bible back into his pocket. Whew, saved! I continued to chew, intentionally loosing drool from my cheek pouches whenever he looked up.again.
  • After a while with him still mooning around waiting for a chance to Witness to me and being tired, I farted loudly but told him I had soiled myself. "Could you please change my dia
  • phragm?" Naturally he bought it and avoided me. Sometimes you just have to go out of your way to repel people, like by pretending to be a cannon operator on the Lusitania around
  • May 7, 1915, or thereabouts. But who cares what he bought. I don't. Unless he bought it for me. Hmmm.... maybe he intends to surprise me? In that case, I must rehearse my sincere
  • surprise and gratitude. Not that I'm overly impressed being gifted WWI artifacts, but I'm polishing this rough diamond into the perfect husband. As he handed me my present
  • ation sword, I couldn’t help but chuckle. “What’s funny about the sword?” my hubby wondered. “Gen. Pershing himself presented it to an officer!” “Woooo!” I went, and hubby fumed.
  • I knew that sometimes a sword is just a sword but my husband's preoccupation for Pershing's sword got me to thinking. The next morning I ordered a broadsword off eBay.


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