10 fingers, 10 toes, 1 bebe, and no nose.....

  • 10 fingers, 10 toes, 1 bebe, and no nose..... what?
  • I swore I'd put a nose in the pot. Hmmm, no nose, no demonic summonee. I had some store-brand pickled nose; would that deform the demon? "Scooch, bebe, the nose needs to boil too."
  • Well, hell. I couldn't remember. I went ahead & threw the store-brand pickled nose in the pot just in case. I stirred & watched, watched & stirred. It was time to summon the demon.
  • I went to the window and yelled, "Heeeeere demon! Heeere Demon. Suuuuuuuuuuiiiieeeeee!" Nothing happened. Now what in the tarnation is that lazy demon up to out there in the barn?
  • After a few minutes, the demon poked his head out of the barn and with a raise of his uni-brow said, "I found a penny."
  • The crowd were not sure if that was to be applauded or if it raised more baffling questions. The unspecific nature of the release made us wonder if we were looking for more than 1.
  • By Christmas 2016, it was a best seller. Three years was all it took for Meat Lady to undergo a sex change operation and father Meat Baby #1. The latter was the kid from hell. All
  • hail Meat Baby #1, the new lord of Hell! But heavy lay Meat Baby #1's meaty little noggin, for soon Meat Lady gave birth to Meat Babies #2 & #3, and they were even more horrid than
  • the Lord of Hell himself, who promptly dried Meat Babies #2 and #3 into delicious Teriyaki Meat Baby Jerky. This, of course, led to Meat Momma (formerly Meat Baby #1) to plot reve
  • nge. Satan was a bit confused to find his jerky coming to life and plotting to kill him. "Huh... I thought running a retail jerky stand would be easier. Best go back to torturing."


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