You never really notice how many ridiculous

  • You never really notice how many ridiculous things you think of until you suddenly get the power to make what you think into reality. Presently I am surrounded by 34 Jiggly Puffs,
  • a bag of Twizzlers, and Fred Rogers from Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood...right here...in my bed. Turning my thoughts into reality could certainly be adventurous. What else could I think
  • of? I then imagined my best friend smelling like pewpew, and next thing you know, I hear a scream from outside. I went to look out the window and, to my surprise, it was her!
  • I was surprised to see her because I had just killed her.
  • Or had I? As hitman my short term memory was one of the main reasons my clients hired me, but sometimes a bother. I reviewed my portfolio of recently deceased. Why was she alive?
  • I started to question if I was really a hired hitman or just a deranged killer. My faulty short term memory caused me to wonder if I knew any truths or if
  • truths were even knowable, if they even existed. "That doesn't mean there's not nothing," my depressive and nihilistic mother used to tell me when I would skin my knee. It was her
  • Way of expressing love. She was diagnosed as bipolar and took medication so she was no longer so depressive and nihilistic. It was a huge relief to see her smile and relax again.
  • But as has been shown, just because your are paranoid it does not mean they are not out to get you. Maybe we should all be paranoid. Maybe I've said too much? If so, reverb and
  • reberv are the same? Cause all is the same and means the same.


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