Anthony wondered why the nice lady at the

  • Anthony wondered why the nice lady at the desk had given him the directions to this room. Everyone here was giggling maniacally or staring at nothing. Sure, he did that too, but
  • not when there were so many other people around. And besides, he had specifically requested that unless there was absolutely no other possible outcome, he wanted to remain
  • celibate.But the rest of us weren't really suited as a gorilla's comcubine,so we tied him to the scaffold & hid in th bushes to watch.Harv made a hell of a ruckus & when Queen Kong
  • Come closer we panicked. What is going on i said, i don't know, but not suited for this gorilla combine said Harv. Than Queen Kong lunged at
  • the dream tiger who jumped away crisply and landed just behind Harv. Harv climbed on the dream tiger's back and ran beneath Queen Kong's legs as she was reaching for a couple of pl
  • anks of constant avocados. Queen Kong ascended the Chrysler building, snatched the Chrysler off the top, and hurled it clear across state lines, claiming victory and the title of
  • Demolition Derby Queen. Queen Kong smiled a simian grin as her new crown was placed atop her old one. Meanwhile, the Chrysler Imperial that she had thrown, had landed in New Jersey
  • atop a fire hydrant. Water sprayed all over. A guy walking by saw the ruined Chrysler Imperial. “WOW, Grandpa had one of these!” Queen Kong arrived to claim the thrown car, but the
  • fire hydrant wouldn't let the car go. Queen Kong was beside herself in anger and neither knew how to cope. So she fell back on old habits. She'd began belting out a 1920's Broadway
  • hit: "Argentines without means do it. People say in Boston even beans do it. Let's do it, let's fall in love!


  1. Woab Aug 12 2021 @ 14:51

    Missed you guys! This is the first time I've been in here since August 3, when I got an error message warning me that my computer clock was wrong and there was a security issue. Turns out that our admins have let the certificate expire, or something. Anyone else get this?

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