A Limp Bizkit umbrella group chomped a pita

  • A Limp Bizkit umbrella group chomped a pita in opposition to McDonald's chief. Few people knew that McDonald's had their own Native American Tribe. Their casino is just
  • a random collection of nouns and verbs corralled into barely cohesive ideas. At least that's how it felt once the peyote'd trickled it's way into my skull & digested my senses.
  • We could not help but notice that due to her animated gesturing, a single talc stalactite dislodged from her vaginal area in a white clod that fell with a poof as it hit the
  • bottom of her vaginal area forming a talc stalagmite. No spelunker would dare
  • bring that to her attention. Instead they discussed the results of the NASCAR trials, and whether Darrell was the wife, or Stevie. Of course, she let him win the argument because
  • everybody knew it was Darrell. This year NASCAR had really done it. If I see another
  • Jim Bob, or Bobby Jim, or Rosco Jimmy Bob Jammer Bill Billy Joe win another race well, so help me Lord Jesus, I may just slit my wrists. I wouldn't be so upset if Darrell hadn't
  • promised Mary Lou and Daisy-Daisy that we would take them out for a night to remember. As Darrell and I approached the house their father shouted to us that if we took one more
  • ecstasy pill with Mary-L and D-D he'd be really quite miffed, and probably wouldn't invite us round for dinner next week. Dazza and I knew what this meant.
  • Our parking would never be validated. That was OK, for the chickens had come ome to roost in the meth lab, and it was time to pay the Piper Palin. Someone, for once, was on r side.


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