Gene Rayburn read the card with his perfect

  • Gene Rayburn read the card with his perfect diction, "The church organist was in need of a tune up when she reached out for the keyboard and found it was a BLANK"
  • She turned to the pastor and found that his face was BLANK. The pastor opened up the good book and said, "Muh mdon oidnam jfn ehneh." The organist's BLANK organ played one
  • Zeppelin hit after another. This was not the church she remembered. The congregation, too, was BLANK. The pastor closed the BLANK bible and raised his palms. The ceiling had
  • witches hovering over them. The devil was successful in succeeding the church, there was but one man who could destroy Diablo, the nephalem but he
  • llbent they wandering the chasms of Enoch & so I, Methusulah, oldest by curse, knowing the ways of the world, set out to find the Nephalem to stand against the Devli & his host.
  • The waterway was like any other for about ten miles, then it became split into two. By instinct, we took the left one. No alligators there that we could see.
  • Dark fell quickly on the river. With no good shelter in sight we decided to sleep on the bank, with a rotating watch. All was quiet. All were asleep. Then, a rustle! An alligator
  • found us all sleeping together and decided to snuggle with us. We were quite surprised when we woke up to find an alligator among us!
  • We welcomed him with open arms and accepted him into our community. It was not easy at first. He kept forgetting that friends do not like it when you eat their children. We soon
  • kept him on a strict diet of hopes, dreams and fears in order to deter his former fatalistic tendencies. Children were left un-killed and the village rejoiced. Order was restored.


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