"I did not hit her...Oh hi Mark!"

  • "I did not hit her...Oh hi Mark!"
  • The greasy-scalped ogre pitied himself as he passed a perfect spiral to his back-stabbing rooftop buddy. He's the town's favorite man! Why is life so hard? ...Did she say cancer?
  • Mark returned fire with a spoon, knocking our tuxedoed hero on his back. How could he get that promotion with a torn-apart tux? "Sorry Johnny, I didn't know it was you," said
  • Johnny who was basically repeating what Johnny had told him Johnny had said. All the men in the town of Lump, Arkansas were named Johnny. This made the pal
  • term very popular, as well as buddy, brother, son, bro, partner, chief, boss, player, playboy, and on and on. Pretty much anything was better than Johnny. Lump's Mayor Johnny
  • changed his name officially to Moonbeam. At the next election Mayor Moonbeam lost, heavily. Lump had turned against its son and his fancy new ways. Moonbeam packed his bags and
  • moved to So Cal, where a person named "Moonbeam" fit in just fine with everyone else. Moonbeam partnered up with WeedMan to run his next campaign. This time, Moonbeam was running
  • advertising and Ray of Sunshine would handle the live guest events. The two of them had their own sites on running for office. They both were secretly giving opposing advice to
  • potential electors and using the illusion of rivality as an effective campaigning strategy. Now everyone knew the rival candidates were sulking on the same caulking. For the peopl
  • e lobbying to improve the election process to include preferential voting now found themselves faced with a patriarchy government.


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