He felt a void inside his chest the day she

  • He felt a void inside his chest the day she said she wanted nothing to do with him anymore.As he fucked many women (and a few guys) in orther to forget her,it was not working.Sex
  • doesn't cripple your memory, but playing in the NFL does, so he took his machismo to the gridiron. A few helmet-first hits took his ex off his mind. 15 yards lost, and 15 years.
  • But with his ex wife off his mind, he was able to think about something else for once. When he was tackled at the 28 yard line he had a sweet, exciting, amazing memory came to him
  • And he fell asleep and never woke up. The Liverpool United fans stormed the field in revenge for his sudden death. The score was tied! Manchester Stadium was never the same place.
  • Even when it was the same place it wasn't the same place to everybody equally. Ian and Landi could attest to that if we hadn't already made a pact back then not to ever mention it.
  • So I won't be mentioning it here. Instead, let us mention the time Ian and Landi got trapped in the glass elevator at the mall in Dinsdale. See, they got onto the elevator, and the
  • -ir whoopie-making became so violent that the glass elevator tilted and became wedged between The Promenade and the Bargain Basement. Landi and Ian didn't notice, at first, that
  • their tryst was visible to everyone on the main floor. Many streamed it to the internet. Landi finally noticed the glass elevator wasn't moving anymore. Ian noticed their audience.
  • Since occupancy in his hotel skyrocketed, the owner offered Landi and Ian free lodging in the glass elevator, throwing in a bellboy so they'd have a threesome. "I'm not comfortable
  • "But I think I'll be ok with this." The bellboy said one realizing this opportunity could be a great one. Along with the smirks of Landi and Lan as they knew what was starting.


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