i was almost done presenting my project on

  • i was almost done presenting my project on nuclear warheads when suddenly everybody started to laugh evily. i was holding a REAL, LIVE, one. someone had replaced my model with a
  • real Minuteman War head. My faced turned red. These stupid Senators and their committees. They will never forget the name McNamara! I said calmly, "Carpet bombing. That's right
  • , those boll weavils won't know what hit them" Of course, i meant low-charge hydrogen bombing, because i only wanted to kill, not destroy the floor covering.
  • Fortunately it was a linoleum floor made in the fifties and the even sheen of grime showed not a blemish after the atomic detonation. Unfortunately neither the roaches nor weevils
  • survived." The Chief of Roach Police bowed his head and stepped down from the podium. The audience's shouts of anguish
  • were raucous to say the least. The Chief of Roach Police had been defrocked for incompetence; it had taken him at least 3 seasons of watching to find out Serena was Sailor Moon.
  • After that no one wanted to take his place as Cheif of Police. The entire devision was corrupt, and they knew that an exterminator was sent to weed out the slackers. Roaches are
  • intelligent creatures, however, and had outwitted all who had tried to exterminate them. You see, cockroaches were remnants of an ancient civilization, a damned civilization.
  • A civilization so damned even mayan cockroaches are afraid to speak of. But that is the past, nowadays cockroaches are happy to just
  • dance around with their brethren and occasionally sacrifice the Cockroach Princess to the Microwave God. Even the occasional Attack of the Foot is easily repelled.


  1. SlimWhitman Dec 10 2012 @ 17:26

    Cockroach Princess: No, not the Microwave God! Cockroach Regent: Yes, you must for the good of the Roachency.

  2. DanMars Dec 10 2012 @ 18:18

    sacrifice the chief of roach police for his betrayal of roachkind, and for disrespecting Serena.

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