What if cats have their own internet, and

  • What if cats have their own internet, and it's full of pictures of humans?
  • LOL humans.Lil duz dem catz no. We humenz rulyz the wurld!!! muah hahaha. Oopsie jus drop i-foan in da toiree. now pix of my fatal fart flame not goin on LOL humanz!
  • Major Prettypuss, head of Cat NSA, looked at the encrypted text, there was a human insurgency. He kneaded his scratcher and pondered. "Tymz for Operazun Cheezburger."
  • There was a knock at the door of the cat tower interrupting Major Prettypuss' plotting. "Whoz it knockin' a mah doorz?" His secretary served him a tray of catnip and tuna water.
  • it is me he screamed and i want to
  • Kill you.
  • "Kill me?" he asked, horrified. "I've done nothing wrong!"
  • "And that, in itself, is a grievous grievance. Now, off with you! You are banished to the land of dinosaurs with nothing but your wits and a velociraptor claw. Now, they don't take
  • rapist scum like you lightly in the Dinosaur Kingdom. You did what you did and now you will accept your punishment. Lay down and die, Leroy Scott." Leroy couldn't believe it. He
  • saw his life flash infront of his eyes like a contact lens movie screen. His birth, his first steps, his first kiss, his wedding. All to die at the claws of giant fucking lizardmen


  1. SlimWhitman May 24 2015 @ 05:41

    Shucks, I was looking forward to the continuation of Mr. Prettypuss adventure...

  2. zxvasdf May 24 2015 @ 11:44

    Yes, it's a crying shame. Who knows how the story would have devolved if nobody screamed

  3. Perronicus May 25 2015 @ 06:31

    It certainly is annoying when the storytellers are storytelling, someone screams, interrupts and the storytellers loose track of their story.

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