The dawn was a splatter of black, grey,

  • The dawn was a splatter of black, grey, blue, red, and orange...but it only stayed that way for about five minutes, when the palette of color suddenly turned bright yellow.
  • The astrological anomaly baffled onlookers as they stared up to the sky. They were blissfully unaware of what was to come. We all were.
  • The first sign baffled the world, but when the three stars of Orion's belt rearranged themselves into a triangle, both the skeptics and the credulous felt a deep unease. But life w
  • ent on. Hey, even if three stars managed to coordinate themselves into a shape, the media still had better, things to report on, like cats. Sadly, that means no one was ready for w
  • oOton invasions from OouUter SpaAa@cçe!!! Once the three stars merged into the trident formation, the woOtons would land on Devils Tower and... No, wait that's a different movie
  • altogether. The movie I was ACTUALLY wanting to describe has dancing fairies and fire-breathing dragons. I believe there would be a broad audience base for this type of movie due
  • the popularity of these aforementioned dancing fairies and fire-breathing dragons. For the dancing fairies we'll just throw together another boy band. Lets make sure to include a b
  • -aboon, just to add contrast. Then when the dancing fairies turn around, everyone will be distracted by it's horrifying rump. As for the dragons, how about if we have them do a wat
  • usi and breathe fire on the fairies’ wings, burning them off? Then the dragons can ignite the baboon’s ass, turning it into a flaming, Technicolor lump. His sadism bothered me, and
  • But I figured I could change him, in time. We married on top of a volcano. Come the wedding night, th old sod had served me flame grilled butler. I et him, then asked for a divorce


  1. SlimWhitman May 20 2020 @ 07:24

    whom did you et?

  2. LordVacuity May 20 2020 @ 09:26

    Tu, Brutus.

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