She stepped over the threshold and stretched

  • She stepped over the threshold and stretched an arm out, palm up, as she had been instructed. Nothing. She took another step into darkness, and there it was.
  • The unicorn breathed in her hand. It was still very young, it's horn still covered with fluff. She didn't back away, although she wanted to. Nobody would believe a blind girl
  • Could recognise a unicorn, but she knew right away. The unicorn said hello to her! She was so happy she said hello back. They had conversations that were recorded by her mum.
  • Sadly the recordings were destroyed along with their planet in a freak warlike accident the next day. But to help us understand this moment we have here a blind deaf mime named
  • Sven to reenact the planet's dissolution through advanced mimery and interpretive dance. Please silence all cellphones."
  • But no sooner did Sven do his first plie then Mrs. Feldman's phone began making a sound like a sea-monkey in heat. Sven was furious. "It's my sister," Mrs. Feldman explained, "She
  • kept shaking his head. “No! Jesus! That’s almost too bad to believe!” Now she seemed to be jagging on the stool, and when Sven looked up his eyes were misty. Mrs. Feldman
  • reached out behind Jesus and touched the fringe of His garment. Instantly Mrs. Feldman was healed. Sven could not believe this miracle he had just witnessed with his own eyes. He
  • just had to have that garment! It was just a simple peasant frock but Sven was sure if he wore it people would follow him! So he tailed Jesus & the throng laying low for an opportu
  • both to snatch it! But (as usual) Jesus knew what was up. "SVEN!" He called. "Why dost thou persecute me? Rise & follow ME instead!" "Aw, heck!" Sven muttered. He became the 13th.


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