There is a peculiar moment in time when,

  • There is a peculiar moment in time when, upon opening the fridge and seeing that the milk is one day expired, you must make a dreadful decision, one that could change everything.
  • Do you drinking the expired milk? Or do you brave the harsh winds of the sand wastes to find an increasingly rare cow? It seems the whole universe has paused to hear your decision
  • "Well, universe," you say, "If you really want to know, I don't really want to cross a desert today. So..." And with that, you drink the expired milk.
  • The world spins before you. Time stretches backwards as light, sound, and emotion swirl around you in a terrifying cocktail of nausea. You slam hard against the kitchen wall, just
  • as your youngest daughter, Anya, walks through the front door from school and having heard your body slamming into the kitchen wall, is running towards you and making concerned noi
  • "No, Anna! Don't come closer!" You shakily try to stand back up. "Get out of the house." You wipe the blood off your split lip,never taking your eyes off the Thing.
  • Anna just wouldn't listen. I wish I could have saved her, but I couldn't have saved her if I died trying. The Thing was faster than the twitch of an eye, stronger than a massive
  • BM. The Thing was unflappable, intangible, unimaginable and as of now undefeated. He pondered its various traits and properties again with various colorful similes, deeply dejected
  • At times. BM was determined to catch that little fish swimming in the bathtub before the cat could eat it. Fluffy was very quick on her feet and beat him to it. She was a good hunt
  • -er, but since becoming a vegan she refused to eat the fish. Oh she killed him dead and tore off his head. But she didn't eat him. She was way more evolved than that.


  1. capacka Dec 12 2016 @ 19:35

    This is why you should always obey the experition date, kids.

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