Life was great for Lady Lucy, who happened

  • Life was great for Lady Lucy, who happened to just receive the best honor she could. She was now queen, of this wonderful yet intimidating place. Although she just found out that
  • The wolf was at the door, in a ups uniform, carrying a gift for her.
  • The wolf adjusted his brown hat, trying to seem inconspicuous. "Oh UPS man," she swooned, tucking a strand of brown hair in her red hoodie. "My, what a big package you have."
  • "Yeah, well, it's got your name on it," the UPS man/wolf snarled. "Come get it while I unload." She took one tentative step forward, her red hood falling down. "For me?"
  • R. Hood couldn't help herself. She tore open the package in seconds, opening the box inside, only to find a set of her grandmother's false teeth inside. She looked up to the wolf
  • her eyes ablaze: "Don't you know these must be kept in water!? What kind of care provider are you?! Do we pay you a salary so that my Grammy won't be able to chew her Cracker Jacks
  • ?!", she hollered. She then hired a team of crack sea-monkeys to care for Grammy, thinking that they'd be sure to keep everything soggy. But when they died after a week, Grammy
  • decided to take things into her own hands and set off on an expedition in search of the unheard of sea-apes of Ojeezlouise swamp. "Where's that," Little Nell asked. Grammy wasn't
  • forthcoming about their destination. A destination that required her to walk into the Ojeezlouse swamp with two live chickens in her hands. "Voodoo," asked Little Nell in a whisper
  • "Do you think that these chickens will feed the whole village?"


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