Carp is bottom grazers. They feed on garbage

  • Carp is bottom grazers. They feed on garbage which they get plenty of. Asian carp can weigh 100 lbs! When Uncle Doug hit on the idea to use twinkies (in their wrappers) as bait
  • he was surprised when he caught so many blow fish. Uncle Doug called Aunt Bess to let her know we'd be visiting the aged care home later with gifts for
  • her and all of her geriatric lovers. Unfortunately, Doug hadn't realised that the inmates were all extreme pescaphobes, and so his well-meant fish-based fancies proved fatal.
  • The inmates circled Doug like sharks. The school of hard knocks had one code. But Doug had a ray of hope that he could skate through this whale of a problem.
  • While the guards had been distracted by the admittedly slightly unusual goings on outside the prison, he had picked up a shard of glass from a shattered mirror. Wielding it like a
  • killer Frisbee in his right hand he advanced cautiously towards the exit. The prison guards may have been distracted but the gate was a hole 15 seconds sprint away. He
  • lost his footing and fell into the gaping chasm. He tumbled head over heels over and over again. Meanwhile he saw the killer Frisbee flying down after him. Would he escape?
  • Find out next week on... "Extreme Frisbee Adventures"! Ralph sighed & the TV went off. The notion of Killer Frisbees...ridiculous! At that moment, Ralph noticed his Frisbee lying
  • next to his cat's food dish. "Viscount," he chided playfully. "Did you leave that there?" The tawny cat tilted its head and mewled defiantly, hopping off of the table and
  • Into the gaping time rift that had opened up on the far side of the kitchen. "At last, the corridor of infinity", Fat said aloud. And as he stepped into the light, he saw Elvin.


  1. Perronicus May 24 2015 @ 04:14

    Oops, misspelt 'whole'. Oh well, maybe the exit wasn't a gate but in fact a hole.

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