The quality of early childhood education

  • The quality of early childhood education
  • is one of the deciding factors of one's life path. In other words, going to a C rated public school your whole life usually doesn't leave one with enough motivation to go further
  • or so Aquaman thought. He matriculated to University of Phoenix online. In chat room seminar on the Marx's commodity-form analysis in Peter Pan, Aquaman met a woman from Peoria
  • who was double jointed. She shared the information that women in Peoria were 3 times more likely to have hyper mobile joints than the average resident of Illinois. Aquaman blushed
  • because everyone could see the thought bubble that appeared over his head. "Aquaman!" she admonished. "This is a family cartoon!" "Sorry," he said "I'm off to Peoria!"
  • The Wonderwoman tightened her size D bracers, got in her invisible plane, and flew off. Superman looked right threw her suit with his X-ray vision. Since he wore tights everyone
  • could tell he must be super in bed. Superman tried to jump Wonderwoman's bones in mid-air, but forgot that just because her plane was invisible, it wasn't incorporeal. Down he went
  • followed by a streaming trail of what used to be his genitals before they had been sucked into the rotary jet engines of the plane. Similar in texture to balogna that had been chew
  • ed on by several starving hounds. He fell to his needs. He had no words. This was beyond his grasp - beyond all of the coping mechanisms they had taught him at the academy. He was
  • , simply put, addicted to his past pleasures. Over time, he learned to love himself, despite the disapproval of those who once held power over him. He was finally free.


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