Godfrey Dinah had an interesting life story.

  • Godfrey Dinah had an interesting life story. It began when she was born. She had
  • unbarable itchy feet, which she could not scratch for her arms were too short. She would cry for help, but no one wants to scratch anothers foot. But as time past, it got worse.
  • There was the cat scratching post made of sisal. At first it alleviated the symptoms, but moments later her toes were tingling again. The itchiness returned. "Got any sandpaper?"
  • He pulled a fine #3 sandpaper from his manpurse and began to buff her calloused heals. Their eyes met to the rhythmic rasping
  • as a pile of dead powdery skin formed. He stopped a moment and lifted her foot so she could see his work. She blushed, giggled and seemed super happy. A man has never treated her
  • delicately. It was almost as if he thought she could dry up & blow away if he as much as sneezed! He looked up at her adoringly, then nuzzled his face into the arch of her foot.
  • His fur tickled the sensitive skin of her foot. She jerked away, but leaned over and picked him up. "You're so cute, I can't put you back yet!" she exclaimed.
  • Without warning, he bit her right on the nose, and was promptly shoved out the window. Well...
  • wishers were on the street to meet him as he fell. They picked him up, cleaned his wounds, and gave him cake. At least that's what was going through his head as it hit the pavement
  • what really happened is everyone pulled out their cell phones and filmed it. Then posted it to youtube. It went viral. And Phillip De Franco blasted everyone for leaving him there.


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