Onyx sat, staring at the ice blue eyes looking

  • Onyx sat, staring at the ice blue eyes looking back at him. Not entirely sure what it was, it moved with the same fluidity as he, the same timing. Copying his every nuance.
  • When the blizzard came to an end, Onyx could finally see.He put his hood down and the dog was just sitting there,a few inches from his face,those big blue eyes
  • frozen...literally. Onyx quickly built a campfire & carried the stiff frozen blue-eyed dog closer to the flames to thaw. Onyx owed the dog his life & now it was his turn to
  • dance the macarena. It's a silly dance, danced to a silly song, sung by a silly man who sold silly records to a large group of silly people, but Onyx had to grant the Dog this
  • One time reprieve for defenestrating the hamster. The poor hamster was found by a macarena dancer. It landed on his head with a thump. He did CPR and saved its life. He kept it.
  • Teaching a poor hamster to dance the macarena is not as easy as it might sound. It doesn't matter if you are rich or poor, you can dance the macarena. If you are a hamster, you can
  • even make a fortune in pellets by learning just a few simple dance steps. Unfortunately the poor hamster kept getting confused between his hips and his shoulders.
  • His shimmy just wasn't coordinated and his nub of a hamster tail was one poor tail feather to shake. He was thrown out of the small rodent dance contest and his dreams of
  • sharing his native homeland's traditional culture was booted out alongside him. "But I live to dance," Hampton squeaked sadly. "One day, they'll understand what they're missing."
  • He took one last, dejected look around and then slowly boot scooted his way into the sunset.


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