The day was gloomy ,the sky was dark. I looked

  • The day was gloomy ,the sky was dark. I looked as if it was going to blizzarding any minute
  • "You look blizzardly" certainly was an original pick up line so I accepted the offer & we walked into the snow holding mittens and sharing his hip flask of cider punch
  • But as we drank, his tone became frosty & I sensed something abominable about him. Still, I had to admit my attraction to his brooding countenance. He led me down the snowy path,
  • but at the entrance to his cave, after a moment of seeming internal torment, he bade me stop, and he repaired within. My abominable date returned and laid down a bed of furs for me
  • "TO POOP ON!" is what I wanted to say, just to ruin the mood one more time. Peeing on the fire wasn't enough. Making suggestive motions with the leftover bones didn't dissuade
  • him. Sickened, I considered lighting my hair on fire. Anything to get me out of this obnoxious blind date. I reached for the bowl of bean chili, preparing my secret weapon.
  • Moments later, pandemonium erupted, as patrons scurried all over in search of oxygen masks. My horrible date now slumped at the table, unconscious. Those beans burned- but worked!
  • The restaurant caught fire, but I escaped intact and ran all the way home.
  • I look backwards and saw dead bodies still in flames. At least I though they were dead...One of them run after me. Instinctivly i first tried to hide, but i felt myself discovered
  • by the burning eyes of the hottest woman I'd ever seen. There was an instant spark, but once the flame of our fiery romance fizzled, I was dumped for the Torch. Fabulous 4 me, NOT!


  1. SlimWhitman Feb 23 2016 @ 14:27

    The hot/cold treatment.

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