i have an asian friend his name is da balsakdoodle

  • i have an asian friend his name is da balsakdoodle he is a good friend
  • of other people that I don't know. Balsakdoodle is only kind of my friend. Well okay, we go to the same Starbucks. My name is Cockadoodle, so I think we will really get along.
  • McMurphy was not impressed. He signaled for Chief, who sauntered over with his typical patience. "Hey, Chief, get a load of this Cockadoodle character. What say we show him the
  • way to San Jose?" Chief was not amused, "Naw, go get me the stick, you know the one." McMurphy hadn't seen "the stick" for years. He knew it hung on the wall in a special place
  • McMurphy went to the interrogation room to the place in the back where the stick hung. He was shocked to realize the stick was not hanging in it's place! Would the Chief blame him?
  • McMurphy redirected the Chief's attention to exhibit A. A as in A.I. The sentient furniture had been moving itself around again. A chair knocked the nightstick off its hook.
  • A sofa was changing colours and as I write it is red. A revolution was going on, it saId. It spoke English!
  • The drugs were kicking in and the world was spinning. The feeling was intense but, one he learned to out the open window everything would be ok. Where were his wings?
  • His wings were in the wastebasket, having been clipped off by a giant fly, who was laughing and rolling all 700 of its eyes at once. He tried to run, but his feet were stuck in gum
  • my residue. He couldn't escape. The giant fly approached him, its pincher mandibles only microns away! AGGHHHH! Stan Lee woke up in a sweat...and quickly jotted down his ideas.


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