A severed zombie head lay in the field next

  • A severed zombie head lay in the field next to him, moaning "brains' breathlessly to itself. To his right, a fiery jet of magma shot into the air, pooling in a small kitchen sink.
  • That's when George Romero realized he'd taken this Zombie thing too far. He picked up the Zombie head and walked back to gassed up, candy apple red
  • fake syrup-blood dripping on the carpet. "Look guys," George said," Sorry for the mess. I-" He suddenly turned pale as the Zombie head bite him on the shoulder.
  • Gene Simmons applauded as Kiss played "Rock and Roll All Night', the Zombies' favourite song. Paul Stanley filmed the whole thing.
  • It became a bootleg short film on the deepdarknet. Roger Ebert posted a review on zombiephaelia.org and doxed Gene Simmons. A horde of zombarazzi camped out near his
  • weekend fishing cabin due east of Missoula, Montana. The horde clutched at their cameras with their remaining appendages hoping to catch a shot of Gene. But they were slow zombies
  • and Gene had never seen a slow zombie that wasn't a Season Pass Holder. It didn't matter to this kind of thinking that he had only ever seen that one slow zombie and, yes, he was a
  • fool for believing that his limited experience with zombies was a reliable guide. Still, he knew enough to about the undead to dispatch them. Gene reloaded his rifle and aimed at
  • the closest zombie lurching toward him. His mind said "shoot", but his heart stopped him. It was...Wanda! His 7th -grade girlfriend from 1986! Gene just couldn't do it. He lowered
  • his gun. The zombie Wanda crept over and kissed him menacingly, turning him into a zombie too. The zombies had won - no one was left alive. The entire world now undead forever.


  1. LordVacuity Mar 24 2018 @ 01:58

    That really is the kiss that lasts.

  2. SlimWhitman Mar 24 2018 @ 09:23

    Is this the zombie from Crazy Woman? http://foldingstory.com/9eelk/

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