He was wired for sound, literally.

  • He was wired for sound, literally.
  • With humanity being converted to androids just recently, it was only now that people began to notice that they could only hear things after connecting their headphone jacks to
  • each other's rear ends. While they found the new sensation "fascinating" and "intriguing", the androids soon realized that they had developed their own form of "brain fart".
  • Their brains were polished couch potatoes, so the androids knew a thing or two about tubers. Their butts being in such close proximity, it was difficult to do something about the
  • toilet facilities in the quad. Brian O'Brian pinched the bridge of his nose in frustration. These android potato hybrids were so demanding. Fresh peat in the lavatories was too
  • t sweet. Brian O'Brian hid in the stall. A line portrait of Pauly Shore's miniature genitalia was etched on the stall with some knife and a sharpie. It said, "Putz" under it.
  • The creature who walked in was a bearded lady. She ripped the portrait to shreds. Then she left a flowerpot and a note:
  • Sorry about the painting. Here's a potted plant. Water and feed it wisely, and you'll have a companion (there's a first time for everything) for life. Your pal, the Bearded Lady.
  • "How am I supposed to make a painting of a potted plant?" He muttered. "It's alive, yeah, but... still... Wait just one minute!" Edward J. Still, the inventor of the still life,
  • drew painstakingly realistically but was so slow it grew before he finished.Frustrated by poorly posing subjects he drew a self portrait, which became a skull, a true nature morte.


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