"Ok son, there's a couple things we need

  • "Ok son, there's a couple things we need to talk about. First, there's the majora, then don't forget the minora. Also, the party's not over until everyone gets their cookies. Quest
  • ions?"The boy stared at his father,not knowing when to laugh or cry,as usual.He could never tell when his father was joking or not,afraid that it said more about him being stupid
  • How Leo longed for the days when he didn't live with Dad, a 46 year old loser. Dad played in a Grunge band waiting for that big break. We all suffered with damaged ear drums as he
  • banged his drums much like he bangs his head against the wall at his job as an accountant at Goldman Sachs. On the outside, Dad is pretty staight-laced, but on the inside, all he
  • cares about is his "me" time. Dad's "me" time consists of binge watching Frasier, peanut butter pretzels and the couch. Dad's Goldman Sachs job was just end to this means.
  • But watching pretzels and couches was boring, and he was tired of working for peanuts. So finally Dad cut down on his leisure time and looked for a real job. He started online
  • and found several interesting occupations, from sweatshop manager to bunny salesmen; in the end, he decided that working in IT would do just fine. Well, if he could just get passed
  • that monstrous troll guarding the entrance to Computers N' Crap. He really needed this job, but there is no way he could fight that troll. Then, an idea hit him like a ton of
  • rotten horse meat. "Eureka!" he exclaimed as he ran for the nearest manhole. He just remembered that secret exit from the shop to the sewers, mostly used to avoid some infuriating
  • GENERIC DUDES and FRAT GUYS, but Merlin's Shop of Mystical Wonders had some overpriced gear, and he'd wasted all of Alex and Ryan's dough on a few too many spa visits. Dang!


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